During the XVIII GEIS Symposium the José María Buesa Scholarships have been granted.

Four projects were presented with high scientific value, and finally those from Dr. César Serrano and Dr. Nadia Hindi were selected:

• "Phase I/II Clinical Trial of Expanded, Activated Natural Killer Cell Infusions for the Treatment of Children with Sarcomas (SARNKOMA)" – Dr. Antonio Pérez Martínez

• “Identification of prognosis and predictive biomarkers of chemotherapy response on high grade osteosarcoma” – Dr. Andrés Redondo Sánchez

"Clinical and molecular determinants of response and progression to KIT inhibition on patients with Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST) with Imatinib long term response" – Main researcher: Dr. César Serrano García (scholarship granted by the Mari Paz Jiménez Casado Foundation)

"Role of immunomodulation and its relevance as a therapeutic aim on soft tissue sarcomas” – Main researcher: Dra. Nadia Hindi Muñiz (scholarship granted by GEIS)