European Sarcoma Policies

On February 8th 2017 a new policy on rare cancer cases was discussed on the European Parliament to improve the response given to these diseases, focused on sarcoma. Representatives of the European Commission, member states, European Parliament, pharmaceutical industry and patient associations were gathered to debate on the key questions for sarcoma patients. The result of the meeting is recorded on the annexed document, a list of policies to guide patients, clinical personnel and industry on handling this situation. Five key areas are identified in order to improve the care of the sarcoma cases.

What is needed to improve sarcoma treatment?

1.- Certified Refence Centers designed for sarcoma on each country
2.- Better professional education for all the healthcare personnel involved in the treatment of sarcoma
3.- Multidisciplinary focus for the care of sarcoma patients
4.- Larger and better incentives to research and innovation
5.- Faster access to efficient treatments

These recommendations are largely also suitable to other rare cancer conditions and therefore can be enforceable to improve the situation of other unfrequent tumors.

You can dowload the document here.