Ivan Rock Festival

Ivan Rock Festival

We want to introduce you to the Ivan Rock Festival organized in Quesada, Jaen that will take place in July 29th.

It is a fundraising festival that hopes to collect funds for sarcoma research.

Ivan was a sarcoma patient that struggled tirelessly against his condition, and his friends and relatives want to pay homage to him through this event.

Next July 29th a concert will be organized with only one aim. The festival will be named after Ivan and all those who fight against this scarcely known kind of tumor and rarely healed (also called "the bug"). The objective is to raise as much money as possible for the Spanish Sarcoma Research Group. Nowadays there is still a lot of work ahead to stop this kind of cancer, and the only way to advance on this fight is trying to make everyone cooperate with a grain of salt.

Yesterday it took Ivan, today it could be any of us. Together we are more, together we are one, together we are stronger.

If some day a person beats this cancer it will be worth it. SOME DAY WE WILL BEAT IT, but always we must try it together.

The entrance donation fee will be 5€ for early registration and 7€ on the venue.

For those who do not want or cannot come to the festival but are interested in cooperating there will be a 0 queue with a donation of 2€.

Once more, the aim is purely charitable and all ufunds will be destined to the research of this rare condition. The more funds we get the more lives we will be able to save.

For those who lost their battles, and for those that even today still fight against the impossible, DO NOT HESITATE IN PARTICIPATING.


During the next days, more information about points of sale, participating bands, and schedule will be released.

Do not only share this event, COOPERATE, any help is valuable!