The submission period for the Mari Paz Jimenez Casado Foundation Scholarships has started

In 2017, the Foundation offers the following scholarship programs:

Clinical turnover for medical and nursery professionals:

Ø 4th Edition of the MPJCF Scholarship of Clinical Rotation on Sarcomas for Medical Training on the advance of the clinical therapy and a better understanding of sarcoma. Mobility Grant for clinical rotations up to 6 months on a National or International Reference Center. Bestows up to 15,000 €

Ø 2nd Edition of the Scholarship of the MPJCF of Oncology Nurse Rotation on Sarcomas. To be carried out on a National reference Center for the training of nurse professionals on handling sarcoma.  Mobility Grant for clinical rotations up to 2 months. Bestows up to 3,750 € or 1,875 €  per month.

Ø 1st Edition of the Scholarship of the MPJCF for international observer, bestowed with 2,000 €

Sarcoma research:

Ø 1ª THREE-YEAR SCHOLARSHIP for SARCOMA research help for GEIS members, bestowed with 75,000 € (25,000 € per year) with the goal of enhancing the development of traslational research projects on sarcomas. To be carried out in a national center in order to achieve an advance on a better knowledge, diagnosis and treatment of sarcomas.

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