SEOM publishes a consensus with SEAP about GIST on CTO

SEOM just published a new consensus with the SEAP, (Spanish Society of Pathological Anatomy), with the title “Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs): SEAP-SEOM consensus on pathologic and molecular diagnosis” on Clinical and Translational Oncology. This consensus had the collaboration of Bayer and Pfizer. You can download the file here.

José María Buesa Scholarships granted

During the XVIII GEIS Symposium the José María Buesa Scholarhships has been granted. The winners of this edition were:

Project: Clinical and Molecular Determinants of response and progression to KIT inhibition on patients with Stromal Gastrointestinal Tumors (GISTs) with long term response to Imatinib.
Main Researcher: Dr. César Serrano García

Project: Role of the immunomodulation and its relevance as a therapeutic aim on soft tissue sarcomas.
Main Researcher​: Dra. Nadia Hindi Muñiz

Masters Scholarships on Musculoskeletal Tumors

The first edition of the GEIS Musculoskeletal Masters have had a great reception. The first 20 scholarships of 4,000 euros has been granted to the first registered students.

For the GEIS Masters application you must contact: Maria Hidalgo, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The full price, (without the grant) is 8,000 euros.