Ten thousand kisses for Fati

Fatima Suarez is thirty years old, and he has dreams, family, husband, friends, a life and cancer. It's called angiosarcoma. It is a rare cancer of which very little is known due to lack of research.

Fatima has created the VyDA Foundation and the TEN THOUSAND KISSES FOR FATI movement to research and develop an effective treatment against angiosarcoma so that in the future no one has to go through her situation.

With only one Euro you will be financing the research on angiosarcoma.


Our proposal is that you donate the amount you can and want, with a minimum of 1 euro.

The main objective of this campaign is to collect a minimum of ten thousand euros to be allocated in Angiosarcoma Research by the GEIS Group, Spanish Research Group in Sarcomas.

GEIS is preparing the VyDA Scholarship that will be announced in the 1st quarter 2018 for the best project in relation to Angiosarcoma.

THANKS in advance to Fatima and the Vyda Foundation for the trust in GEIS and the support for research through our group.