Mari Paz Jiménez Casado Foundation Scholarship

The Fundación Mari Paz Jimenez Casado (FMPJC) is an independent non for profit organization founded in 2013. Its mission is to help people and groups in need, mainly due to cancer – sarcoma – and to contribute to promote education and clinical research.

Mari Paz was one of those persons that found themselves on a radical turn of events. Therefore she had to start a hard, unfair and inhuman fight for nine years. During that time she worked restlessly, not only trying to beat cancer, but also trying to ease the suffering of others that, like her, were affected by the consequences of this disease. The Foundation is aimed to help and give acknowledgement to a uncommon disease, joining efforts to beat the illness and to try to achieve a cure for cancer and specially sarcoma.

For this purpose, the Foundation annually calls for several scholarship applications. The following are the ones for 2019:

Clinical Rotations for physicians and nurse practitioners:

Ø 6th Edition of the FMPJC Clinical Rotation on Sarcomas Scholarship for the Education of physicians in the advance of clinical therapeutics and in the best knowledge of sarcomas. Mobility Scholarship for up to 6-month rotations at a National or International Reference Center. Amount: up to 15,000€.

Ø 4th Edition of the FMPJC Oncologic Nurse practitioners in Sarcomas. To be developed in a National Reference Center for the education of nurse practitioners in the management of SARCOMA.  Mobility scholarship for clinical rotations up to 2 MONTHS. Amount: up to 3,750€ or 1,875€ per month.

Ø 3rd Edition of the FMPJC International Observer internacional, amount: 2,000€ gross.

Research on Sarcomas:

Ø 3rd Edition of the FMPJC TRIENNIAL Scholarship to Support the Research on SARCOMAS for GEIS members, amount € 75,000 (25,000€ per annum) in order to promote the development of traslational research projects on sarcomas, to be developed in a national center so that it is a contributes to the advances and improves the knowledge, diagnosis and treatment of sarcomas.

For further information, please contact:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. • Phone: (+34) 91 344 12 08 • Cellphone: (+34) 677 451 146