Workshop GEIS Retroperitoneum

GEIS will celebrate on March 1, 2018 the


This is the 2nd meeting that GEIS performs to unite oncologists and surgeons around the investigation of retroperitoneal sarcomas.

GEIS wants to consolidate a group of committed researchers to carry out guides, studies and other related activities.

This is the agenda of the meeting:

14: 30-15: 00 Work lunch


• 15: 00-15: 30 National Registry of prospective and retrospective SRP since 2005: GEIS-55 update, status and approximate start date

• 15: 30-16: 00 GEIS Management Guide for SRP: coordination and dates of development

• 16: 00-17: 00 Networking in SRP

• 17: 00-17: 30 Clinical trial of concomitant radiotherapy with trabectedin administered preoperatively in SRP (RetroTRAST)

• 17: 30- 18:00 New proposals

If you are interested in assisting, contact the GEIS secretariat: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In collaboration with:

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World Day Against Cancer

GEIS is in favor of the multidisciplinary management of cancer patients in specific Tumor Committees that include all specialists involved in the approach of each type of tumor, always considering the benefit of the patient as a central objective of the functioning of these Committees.

In addition, we all want to highlight the importance of cancer prevention since we know that 40% of cases can be avoided.

As a person or entity, you can adhere to this Declaration.


1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will have cancer at some point in their life. In our country, 247,771 new cases are diagnosed each year and 102,762 people die from this disease.

A diagnosis like this provokes and has associated a series of problems both in patients and in the closest environment that clearly show the impact that the disease has on people's lives.

The GEPAC Association has prepared some informative days that will take place during the weeks before and after the World Day Against Cancer, that is from January 29 to February 9, 2018.

See where and how it will be done in your city

1 de Cada 20 mil

1 out of 20 milion people suffer Soft Tissue Sarcoma (STS), a rare cancer very unfrequent with a difficult diagnosis. 

Only if we all take action to join all stakeholders in fighting against STS we could transform patients' life.

Help us to make it visible!

Join a night run against STS. 

At 20:30h in GoFit Vallehermoso area in Madrid. It is a free inscription run and 2 rounds in the area will take place (3km). Ask for your free dorsal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in the web

This initiative comes from AEAS (Asociación Española de Afectados por Sarcomas), Fundación Mari paz Jimenez Casado, GEIS (Grupo Español de Investigación en Sarcomas) y Lilly who wants to:

TO MAKE: Concienciate social mass about the difficulty of STS. 

TO BOOST: Proffesional staff, quality information and investigators financing who research every day for therapeutic improvements. 

TO EDUCATE: Proffesional staff to have a multidisciplinar scope of quality, improving a soon diagnosis and adequate usage of treatments. 

TO TAKE ACTION: join all social agent and show authorities the need of reference centers and fecilitate the access to new drugs. 

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Ivan Rock Festival

Ivan Rock Festival

We want to introduce you to the Ivan Rock Festival organized in Quesada, Jaen that will take place in July 29th.

It is a fundraising festival that hopes to collect funds for sarcoma research.

Ivan was a sarcoma patient that struggled tirelessly against his condition, and his friends and relatives want to pay homage to him through this event.

Next July 29th a concert will be organized with only one aim. The festival will be named after Ivan and all those who fight against this scarcely known kind of tumor and rarely healed (also called "the bug"). The objective is to raise as much money as possible for the Spanish Sarcoma Research Group. Nowadays there is still a lot of work ahead to stop this kind of cancer, and the only way to advance on this fight is trying to make everyone cooperate with a grain of salt.

Yesterday it took Ivan, today it could be any of us. Together we are more, together we are one, together we are stronger.

If some day a person beats this cancer it will be worth it. SOME DAY WE WILL BEAT IT, but always we must try it together.

The entrance donation fee will be 5€ for early registration and 7€ on the venue.

For those who do not want or cannot come to the festival but are interested in cooperating there will be a 0 queue with a donation of 2€.

Once more, the aim is purely charitable and all ufunds will be destined to the research of this rare condition. The more funds we get the more lives we will be able to save.

For those who lost their battles, and for those that even today still fight against the impossible, DO NOT HESITATE IN PARTICIPATING.


During the next days, more information about points of sale, participating bands, and schedule will be released.

Do not only share this event, COOPERATE, any help is valuable!

New Patient Association: Vyda

Voice and Broadcast Of the Angiosarcoma

We would like to introduce you a new patient association born to lend voice to the Angiosarcoma condition and be able to raise funds for the research on its treatment. The association was created by the initiative of Fátima Suárez Amorín, who has lived with this disease for the last four years.

You can become a partner member, make one-off donations or regular contributions to help with the Angiosarcoma research.

Their website in under construction, but soon you will have news and activities.

The submission period for the Mari Paz Jimenez Casado Foundation Scholarships has started

In 2017, the Foundation offers the following scholarship programs:

Clinical turnover for medical and nursery professionals:

Ø 4th Edition of the MPJCF Scholarship of Clinical Rotation on Sarcomas for Medical Training on the advance of the clinical therapy and a better understanding of sarcoma. Mobility Grant for clinical rotations up to 6 months on a National or International Reference Center. Bestows up to 15,000 €

Ø 2nd Edition of the Scholarship of the MPJCF of Oncology Nurse Rotation on Sarcomas. To be carried out on a National reference Center for the training of nurse professionals on handling sarcoma.  Mobility Grant for clinical rotations up to 2 months. Bestows up to 3,750 € or 1,875 €  per month.

Ø 1st Edition of the Scholarship of the MPJCF for international observer, bestowed with 2,000 €

Sarcoma research:

Ø 1ª THREE-YEAR SCHOLARSHIP for SARCOMA research help for GEIS members, bestowed with 75,000 € (25,000 € per year) with the goal of enhancing the development of traslational research projects on sarcomas. To be carried out in a national center in order to achieve an advance on a better knowledge, diagnosis and treatment of sarcomas.

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European Sarcoma Policies

On February 8th 2017 a new policy on rare cancer cases was discussed on the European Parliament to improve the response given to these diseases, focused on sarcoma. Representatives of the European Commission, member states, European Parliament, pharmaceutical industry and patient associations were gathered to debate on the key questions for sarcoma patients. The result of the meeting is recorded on the annexed document, a list of policies to guide patients, clinical personnel and industry on handling this situation. Five key areas are identified in order to improve the care of the sarcoma cases.

What is needed to improve sarcoma treatment?

1.- Certified Refence Centers designed for sarcoma on each country
2.- Better professional education for all the healthcare personnel involved in the treatment of sarcoma
3.- Multidisciplinary focus for the care of sarcoma patients
4.- Larger and better incentives to research and innovation
5.- Faster access to efficient treatments

These recommendations are largely also suitable to other rare cancer conditions and therefore can be enforceable to improve the situation of other unfrequent tumors.

You can dowload the document here.