Mission, vision and values

Due to the need of cooperating on the medical treatment of Soft Tissue Sarcoma, the Spanish Group of Sarcoma Research (GEIS for its acronym in Spanish) was created in 1994, thanks to the initiative of a small core of oncologists from four different hospitals. Currently, the group is formed by professionals from more than sixty medical centers all across Spain, not just oncologists, but also surgeons, pediatricians, oncologic radiation therapy specialists, pathologists and molecular researchers. Since 1997 the Group is considered a legal entity as a Scientific Society.

GEIS MISSION is to ensure the best healthcare to sarcoma patients by making the access to new treatments and drugs easier, and to favor clinical and translational research.

GEIS VISION is to achieve an excellence acknowledgement both nationally and internationally, as a platform for healthcare, research, teaching and innovation on sarcoma treatment.

The first meeting, convened by the embryo of the group, took place on June 1994 in Palma de Mallorca, with the attendance of oncologists from 12 different Spanish hospitals, as since the very beginning we were convinced that the only way to defeat sarcoma is through the completion of clinical trials.


• Oriented to the patient.
• Search for excellence.
• Cooperation and a multidisciplinary approach.
• Desire for national and international cooperation.
• Focus on innovation and social return.
• Sustainability.
• Implementation, spread and broadcasting of knowledge.

General objectives

• Improve clinical research on sarcoma by easing the cooperation between medical and research staffs of all Spanish hospitals
• Become a reference point for the handling and treatment of sarcomas
• Favor the cooperation with international groups for the completion of complex clinical trials
• Keep updated action plans for the diagnosis and treatment so to be useful for sarcoma specialists
• Improve the high quality translational and basic research about sarcoma through the installment of a tumour bank and the yearly grant of scholarships and financial help.
• Foster the education of sarcoma doctors and researchers.