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Website ownership

The use of this website and any of its services implies the reading, understanding and acceptance of this legal disclaimer by the user. According to the 11th July 34/2002 Law, of Services for the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE by its Spanish acronym), the following legal concerns are noticed:


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Previous Terms

The following legal terms regulate the allowed legal use of this website, which liable entity is the SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP. These general terms regulate the access and use that the website owner brings to internet users. Access to the website implies their unconditional acceptance. User is defined as any person who access, browses, uses or participates in the services and/or activities on the website.

The simple use of the website, as is requesting information or making an order, supposes full acceptance of these terms.

Website usage

The user is compelled to use the website, its services and contents according to the law, this Legal Disclaimer, customs and public order. In the same way, users are compelled to use them in an efficient, correct and legal way, not in any way contrary to the specifications of this legal disclaimer. In particular, the user is forbidden to suppress, avoid or manipulate the “copyright” and other identifying traits of the rights of the titleholders from the content, and also its technical protection devices, or any information systems that those might contain.

It is openly forbidden to take any actions that may harm the rights or interests of third parties, or that in any way could damage, harm, render useless or disrupt the website or its services or impair a normal use of the website by other users.

The user is compelled to not hinder the access to other users through massive consuming of the electronic resources, through which the SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP offers the service, or take any action that damage, interrupt or generate errors on said systems and services.

The user is compelled to not introduce viruses, software, macros, applets, ActiveX controllers or any other device or sequence that cause or may be susceptible to cause any kind of alteration on the systems of SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP or third parties.

The user is compelled to not obtain information, messages, graphics, drawings, sound or image files, pictures, recordings, software and in general, any kind of material open through the website or the services offered by it.

It is understood that the access or use of the website by the user implies his/her acceptance of the Legal Disclaimer that SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP has published by the moment it happens, which will be always published and available for the users. The user is compelled to make a proper use of the content and services (including for example the comments, forums or pages open to the reader) that SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP offers on its website and to not use them for illicit or illegal activities contrary to common law; to spread content or propaganda of racist, xenophobic, illegally pornographic nature, or apologetic to terrorism or against basic human rights.

Website access and passwords

Some of the contents and services offered by SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP may be subject to previous hiring of the services and a fixed payment according to the General Contract Terms, on which case would be available and published accordingly.

The use and browsing of this website does not require a login by the user, and so there is not personal data to be gathered, with the clear exception of those specified on the cookies policy, or those that the user provides through the contact form or any of the website forms, in which case will be treated and stored according the specific terms of the cookies and privacy policy.

Minors and underage users

It is forbidden for minors to hire any products or services through this site, without the express and previous consent of their parents, tutors or legal guardians, who will be held responsible of the acts carried out by the minors under their care.

Legal Disclaimer terms modification

SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP withholds the right to modify this Legal Disclaimer. The user acknowledges and accepts the responsibility of checking the website and its Legal Disclaimer.

Limits to responsabilities and assurances

SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP is committed to carry its best effort to avoid any mistake on the contents that may appear on this website. In any case, SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP will be exempt of any responsibility caused by errors on the content that appear on the website, as long as those are not attributable.

SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP cannot and will not guarantee that the website and its server are free of virus and will not be hold responsible of possible harm or damage caused by interferences, omissions, interruptions, viruses, electronic or phone malfunctions or disconnections from this system, caused by factors not linked to SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP, or of delays or blocking in the use of this system caused by phone line disruption, internet overloading or in other electronic systems, and also data that might be caused by third parties by illegal entry outside the reach and control of the SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP.

Intellectual and Industrial property

All the commercial names, brands or identification symbols of any kind found on this website are property of their owners and protected by law. All the Intellectual and Industrial property rights of the website and its contents, (texts, images, sounds, audio, video, design, software) belong to SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP as a collective author, or, according to the case, to third parties.

It is openly forbidden to reproduce, distribute, or publicly communicate all or any part of the contents of this website, with commercial aims, on any platform and by any method, without authorization from the SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP. The user is compelled to respect the Intellectual and Industrial property rights of the SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP and other third parties.

According to the article 32.1 of the Refunded Text of the Law of Intellectual Property, SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP is opposed openly to the usage of any contents of the website with the goal of making news in other media, written or digital, with profit aims, without previous authorization of the SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP.

The user may watch all the elements, print them, copy and store them in the hard drive of his computer or in any other physical support only as long as it is for private and personal use, and therefore it is openly forbidden their commercial use, its distribution, modification, alteration or decompiling.

SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP provides the Access to any kind of information, services, software or data on the internet that may belong to third parties, on which case the SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP is not responsible of said contents or any complaints related to the quality, accuracy, correctness or credibility of them.

Link responsibility

This website does not have links or hyperlinks from third parties.

Personal information protection

SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP takes the necessary technical and organizational measures to assure the protection of the personal data and avoid its alteration, loss, treatment and unauthorized access, taking into account the technique, the nature of the stored data and the risk exposure, all of it according to the Spanish Law of Personal Information Protection.

The use may send to the SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP his personal data through the form that with said purpose are published on the website. Said forms include a Legal Disclaimer regarding personal data protection that complies with the requests established in the Organic Law 15/1999. December 13th, about Personal Information Protection, approved by Royal Decree 1720/2007, December 21st.

Please read carefully the legal disclaimers before providing your personal data.

Liability exclusion

The SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP is not responsible for the losses or damages that a system breakdown may cause to a user or visitor, or be liable from troubles caused by the lack of interactivity between the users or visitors on these situations.

Law and jurisdiction

Any issues that appear between the SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP and the user regarding the interpretation, compliance and validity of this Legal Disclaimer will be solved by the statements this document contains, and if the need arises, according to Spanish law, with the two parts coming under the jurisdiction of the Tribunals and Courts of Law for the address of the SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP.