Privacy policy

Confidentiality and data protection

According to the Organic Law 15/1999 December 13th, of Personal Information Protection, the SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP let the user know of the existence of a automated personal data file created by and for the SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP who holds the responsibility for it, in which the personal user data gathered by this website will be stored and treated. Said file is lawfully registered in the General Registry of the Spanish Information Protection Office, and the SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP has the security and organizational measures in place according to the royal decree 1720/2007, December 21st, with the goal of safekeeping the privacy of the information.

As this confidentiality policy is accepted, the SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP will need to pick up from the user essential data for providing the proper service and/or information, and the user will be implicitly complying for the storage and treatment of the data with the objectives stated in the next text.

However, the user may use his right to access, amendment, cancelation and/or opposition to this policy by contacting DIEGO DE LEÓN St. 47th, 28006 MADRID.


The objectives for the information gathering by the SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP are:

File and form registry

Some section of this website require to fulfill several registration forms and is compulsory to do so to access and enjoy certain services of the website or to receive particular information requests. Not providing with the requested personal data or not accepting this policy implies the impossibility of inform you, subscribe you, register you or for you to participate on any of the special events that require personal information.

Accuracy and veracity of the data

The user is the only party responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the provided data, taking said responsibility away from SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP. The users guarantee and answer for the accuracy, validity, and authenticity of the provided personal data, and are compelled to keep them updated. The user accepts to provide full and correct data in the registry, contact and subscription forms.

SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP is not responsible of the veracity of the information not provided by it first hand or from other sources, so it does not take responsibility regarding hypothetical damages caused by the usage of said information.

SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP reserves the right of updating, modifying or eliminating the information contained on its website even for limiting or forbid the access to said information.

The SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP will not be hold responsible of any harm or damage to the user caused by errors, flaws or omissions in the information provided by SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP as long as it belongs to any party but the SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP.

Third party data sharing

SPANISH SARCOMA RESEARCH GROUP will not under any circumstance share data with third parties.